Italy and the Amazing Pitti Immagine Filati

In June of 2018, man that seems an eternity ago, we were invited to Pitti Immagine Filati, the world’s preeminent trade show of yarn. All of the great mills, small and large were in attendance.We were chosen as one of approximately fifty Artists from around the world to be flown to Florence for the unbelievable Pitti Immagine Filati. Truly a trip of a lifetime we were treated like rock stars. (As it should be of course!) Limos, hotels, food. Dear lord they cooked for us!  A true feast for our senses the show itself was extraordinary. Mind boggling! Held in an old fortress, Fortezza de Basso, on the edge of Firenze (Florence). When we walked in through the ancient gates and found our way to the exhibit halls we entered into the world’s defacto modern museum of Yarn. Colors and textures that we have dreamt of right there to touch, to imagine in our work. I think I will let the photos do most of the talking now. A picture is worth...

So creative and also responsible. We attended lectures and discussions on sustainability and transparency. Following the trail of individual yarns back to the farms where it all begins. Work being done to transform the fashion industry to using more responsible and eco friendly products. From process to recycling. Very inspiring.

We continue to source our yarn from small mills in Italy that can follow the origin and quality of their products, that have the most amazing feel and durability. These yarns allow us to create knitwear that has a spectacular hand! The first thing we do at one of our shows is to encourage people to touch. Our displays and creations are beautiful , full of color and life and very Sharon London and at the core of it all is the hand. The great feel of our knits. Soft, comforting, luxurious. A dream. We miss being to able to share that moment with so many people. When their eyes light up and the smile spreads on their face when they realize these are not cashmere but cotton. When someone tries one of our Viscose knit dresses and , again the smile opens up when they realize just how beautiful the feel is. Fiber Art to live in and be supported by. Good life.

Thank you Italy. You have expanded our world, our minds and our senses. You have given the love and we adore you.




  • Andrea Krueger

    You two are living my dream. I have about 10 of your dresses. They are my favorites. So creative and beautiful. Just popped in your site to send to a friend, who needs to find a fabulous dress.
    Until we meet again!

  • Susana Mayer

    What an honor for you to be one of 50! Every time I wear one of your shawls I get fabulous complements. The Italians definitely chose the right person. Someday we shall meet again in Rittenhouse square. Until then, stay safe, healthy and strong! Susana

  • Sandra Powell

    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing travels to Italy and the Amazing Pitti Imagaine..I visited Italy last March 2019 and I am so glad we when, due to what we are experiencing in 2020.
    We met at the Clothes Line Festival MAG in Rochester, NY.
    Love my scarves….

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