We are back, in person  and hopefully at a show near you soon. It has been an adventure to say the least but we have done five shows this summer and it has been incredible to see old friends and new. All of our shows have been outdoors or in open fair ground buildings and we will be continuing with outdoor shows through October. Keeping safe and enjoying the heck out of being back.

If you don’t know by now you should know that Sharon London, aka the artist Sharon Broit, is the creative force behind all of our designs. Yes this is Carl writing. I have the great privilege of working hand in hand with Sharon to create our designs and it is always a revelation. For the last couple of years Sharon has been working on our hand painted and hand dyed dresses developing new techniques and designs. These are one of a kind, beautifully executed pieces created by Sharon and we are very excited to offer them to you at our shows. We are also very excited to be bringing out our fall line of dresses and knitwear both in person and online.

We are working hard and hopefully on our way. We sincerely send our love and wishes to you all that you and your families are safe and well. That we can join with you soon and celebrate the beauty and grace and the privilege we have to create and live in art, live in fiber art fashion created by our own hands and made especially for you. We are so grateful.

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